Friday, February 16, 2007

Things are Coming Together!

Remember this?

We’ve come a long way since a few months ago when things were scattered all over and one could barely move in the “storage areas” of the former Gananoque Museum. Over the past two weeks we have pushed way ahead, and now the results of a finished project, although still far off, are becoming more and more easy to picture.

What has been most encouraging over the last little while is the strong support the project has received from a number of sources. Most importantly, the Town Council of Gananoque has pledged the needed funds to ensure that this valuable project can be completed. This will not only benefit residents and visitors now, but for generations to come. It is a real privilege to live in a town where those in power really appreciate and understand why our history is important and worth preserving. I cannot thank town staff enough for all their help in everything from providing workspace, to clearing away debris and of course, in financing the project, including the shelving (2/3 built) you see here.

I also had the pleasure last week to sit in on the first meeting of the Gananoque Heritage Committee. The committee is made up of some very enthusiastic and concerned citizens, who have brought a wide range of experience and expertise to the table. Many thanks to Councillor Frank O’Hearn and Town Planning Coordinator Brenda Guy for facilitating the meeting. I look forward to seeing all the great initiatives to preserve the historic structures and landmarks of our community.

Another important thank you I must send out is to Queen’s University Archives. Some time ago I was approached by archivist Paul Banfield, and happily loaned him our collection of Joel Stone papers and account books to be inspected and finally copied, so as to make these previously unknown 18th and early 19th century documents available. Last week, Heather, Deidre, and Jeremy, archivists at Queen’s, came to have a look at our collections here and provided the project, at long last, with a computer that will finally allow us to get a working, modern computerized catalogue system up and running. I cannot thank Queen’s Archives enough for the equipment, nor Heather, Deirdre and Jeremy for all their kind words and support. They are welcome here anytime!

Finally, the Arthur Child Heritage Museum was abuzz this week as we hosted the Ontario Senior Winter Games. The museum’s main gallery was transformed twice, first as the registration centre for the games, and then for an evening of dining and nostalgic entertainment, “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” The event was a huge success. Director Linda Mainse would like to thank Linda Davis, of Metro-Management Solutions, for organizing the event, and the staff of the Arthur Child Heritage Museum for all their assistance. MC Doug Revell, Paul Harding, Michelle Kazaboski and Dreams in Motion provided wonderful entertainment for the evening. And finally, many thanks to the Gananoque Secondary School’s Hospitality Students and the Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism for all their hard work and excellent service.

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